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You may have noticed that lately i'm posting mainly photos instead of the more common 3d works.
That's because i'm test-driving my new Panasonic TZ3 and because i'm fresh out of ideas for any 3d... well, i actually do have some 3d works on stand-by - but due to their complexity and my laziness they're on hold.
Meanwhile i hope u can enjoy any of the photos i'm putting up and keep an eye out for any 3d update! :P

3D club @ 3D Asuarus:
  • Listening to: FSOL - We have explosive
  • Watching: Discovery Channel - How things are made
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Those who know me better know that i allways delete this "chain" messages never even reading them. But i did had some free time to kill so... :D

1.) List Four fandoms you have
H.R.Giger work

2.) Have you ever slept in the back of a car?
Yup, several times...

3.) Have you recently dyed your hair/cut it?
Cutted it, i allways keep it really short!

4.) List Five people that you look up to the most.
My granpa...

5.) How many pets do you own as of now?

6.) Which do you prefer white or black?
Don't really like much either one, but if i had to choose i'd go black!

7.) Who is your most played character?
The CQB soldier in Delta Force - Black Hawk Down...

8.) Choose one or the other, not both:
Choose what, where?!

9.) Name three aspects that tell who you are.
Friendly, fun & stupid! :D

10.) If you could have a power what would it be?
The power to have full control over all aspects of other ppl lives! MUAHAHAHA!!

11.) Who was the last person you talked to?
My boss! :(

12.) Who was the last person you said "i love you" to?
My gf.

13.) Write down the first five words that pop into your head:
Boring, big, food, work, slippers...

14.) What's one thing you wish you could do better?
Not worrying about work's problems so much...

15.) Do you like the way you are?
Yeah! :D

16.) Choose, Summer or Winter:
Summer!! And make it a really hot one!

17.) Choose, Rain or Snow

18.) Water or ice?

19.) List two odd things about yourself:
I like being alone at times... and... dunno!

20.) Now list 6 people who should do this quiz!
noone... lucky enough i did this!
Just check it out at…

It will be wrothy of seeing and participate, lots of talent there folks! :D
Well i found a site, through an email someone sent me, that has quite a number of tests that you can take. I had nothing better to do so i took quite a few and, surprisingly enough, they where right on the money!
So, here's a resume about some results:
  IQ Test: score 127 - Intellectual Type is Visual Mathematician
  Multiple Inteligences: visual/spacial - photographic memory
  Brain Test: left brained - much stronger written communicator than many
  Brainteaser: 78th % - i rank higher than 77 people out of 100
  Love Personality: ENFJ - balance of sensitivity and command that can make you an inspiring leader

Wanna take some tests yourself? goto and register (free).
Have fun!

The Room was taking up way too much time and resources on the server so i opted for another WIP.
But glad i did it 'cause i can see now that some things need be changed!
The main render itself will be done on weekends to minimize impact! :P

[Edit]: Final render:…
The StormDrain ambience is completed.
I apologize for some decepcion that may occur, but as said, i abandoned this project to work in The Room, wich is already on render stage. However, since the estimated render time for it is of 180h it will certainly take some time until it is posted here, specially taking into account that i only get about 6-8h of render time on the server.
So, well... yeah, say tuned in for more info! :P
I've started a series of pics made with Vue 5 Infinite depicting secluded ambients.
Dark ambients with volumetric lighting.
This marks my favoring of Vue5 over C4D, wich will only be used for complex modelling.
The reason for this is that i find that Vue5 is capable of rendering natural looking scenes with less artist effort... yes, im kinda lazy! :P

Currently working on a storm-drain, but since the render times for this scenes are huge and my server access is limited i will not be developing further on this scene. Instead i've began working on an industrial scene, based on a room from FarCry
I expect to have this scene fully modelled by the end of the week and rendered as soon as i get a few days of render-server time.

So stay tuned for 2 more of this scenes on the upcoming month... if you like this type of things...

[Edit]: Well... it seems i went totally overboard on the storm-drain scene, 'cause the estimated render time for it is 1067h!! That's 44 & 1/2 days!! Does anyone got a idle supercomputer?! :P
[Edit]: Managed to get the render-time of the Storm-drain scene down to 50h, so it will be rendering according to server availability during the next days and posted when ready. With 10h of render into it, it's 23% completed.

[Edit]: The Room is almost ready. With 257 objects and 282518 polygons i can say it will consume alot of render time... a preview is on my scraps!…
Bem, tenho andado sem inspiração, nem tempo, para fazer cenas novas... mas vou tentar, tentar voltar a desenhar... Depois tentarei fazer uns scans do melhor!

Well, i've been without inspiration, nor time, to do any new stuff... but i'll try, try to get back to drawing...
I'll try to scan the best stuff latterz!